Saturday, May 19, 2012

Let the Summer of Travel Begin!

After a hot start to 2012 (over 25,000 elite-qualifying miles flown in January alone), things have been pretty quiet on the travel front lately. Yes, there was the amazing trip to Napa to celebrate my 30th birthday - but apart from that, not much else to write home about.

Until now.

Yes friends, Monday kicks off my Summer of Travel, and it should be quite a ride! From now through to Labor Day, I'll be hitting the following destinations:

These trips will be for a wide variety of purposes, including:
  • Work trips (duh)
  • Weddings
  • A bachelor party
  • My 8th college reunion
  • A quick trip to my hometown
  • And some quality time at the beach

Anyone want to play the matching game between columns 1 and 2? ;)

While this much travel does have its ups and downs, I'm pretty excited! It's a lot of time away from home, but also a lot of time with friends/family I haven't seen in a long time, seeing new cities I've never visited, and (hopefully) sampling a lot of good food and wine!

From a points/miles perspective, I'll be covering all my bases, with a lot of time spent in planes, trains, and automobiles. I should rack up about 40,000 elite-qualifying miles on United (adding to the ~45,000 I have so far year-to-date should make qualifying for Premier 1K status a cinch, given how the fall is shaping up), 25-30 nights at Starwood hotels (adding to the 22 I have so far year-to-date will ensure that I re-qualify for Platinum status, almost certainly hit SPG Platinum 50, and possibly even SPG Platinum 75), and a few Amtrak points for good measure.

Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated, especially those that point me toward good food and/or good wine! Stay tuned for trip reports in the months ahead...

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