Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer of Travel 2012: Breezy Point, NY

Breezy Point is a sleepy, little beach town that, while technically part of NYC, feels unlike any other part of the city (in a good way). My wife's family has had a little bungalow for decades, one of many that sit on the cozy little "walks" (too cozy for cars) that are quintessentially Breezy. I've been a number of times over the years, and it's always like taking a trip back in time (again, in a good way).

Quick look at one of the walks in Breezy Point

We spent this past Memorial Day weekend out at Breezy. Another great thing about it is the relatively easy access from Manhattan - just about 90 minutes door-to-door, most of that on the subway, followed by a quick car ride from Sheepshead Bay. Another quintessential element of any trip to Breezy, is starting the day off with a Breezy Breakfast Sandwich. Now I know every "True New Yorker" has a "great-place-around-the-corner" to get a "bacon-egg-and-cheese" (woah... quotation overload), and I'm certainly not claiming that the one in Breezy puts those others to shame... but there's just something about a Breezy Breakfast Sandwich that always brings a special smile to my face.

Breezy Breakfast Sandwich... ain't nuthin wrong with that

Despite starting things off right for breakfast, the weekend didn't look promising - heavy rain in the morning, an a forecast for the rest of the day that was less that encouraging. Thankfully, we stuck around for what turned out to be a great beach day!

First step in heading to the beach is packing up the supplies

The beach itself is just fantastic. It's HUGE, and sparsely attended (especially this early in the season), since only Breezy Point residents and guests can access it. As a result, you never have to worry about fighting for a good spot. The only thing to stress about is what to open first: Blue Moon or Sam Adams Seasonal?

Blue Moon won this round

While it's still technically spring, there's something about Memorial Day weekend that makes it feel like summer has arrived. Burgers on the grill + corn on the cob = definitely summer. Add in a great bottle of 2010 Sandpiper Rosé from Porter Family Vineyards and all is right with the world.

What's your favorite long weekend destination?

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