Monday, June 25, 2012

Quirky Hotels: Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons

Yes, the words "boutique hotel" usually make me cringe - but I can appreciate a quirky, charming place to rest my head as much as the next guy (as long as I'm earning some sort of hotel points, of course!). That said, sometimes you come across a hotel with quirks that are more strange than endearing.

One such example is the Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons, my go-to when I'm down in Greensboro for work.

Right off the bat, there's the name. Four Seasons is a mall in Greensboro, but I'm willing to bet that there have been more than a handful of people who were surprised to discover a Four Seasons when looking for a hotel in Greensboro, and that more than a handful of finance departments have done a double-take when seeing the name "Four Seasons" on expense reports submitted for reimbursement.

After the name, one of the first things I noticed is the floor plan. The shape of most hotel rooms would probably be best described as "rectangular". The rooms at the Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons - I'm going to go with "parallelogram", though I don't think that's entirely right either.

I need to brush up on my geometry
The suites in particular are rather interesting. My Starwood Platinum status has gotten me a suite upgrade a few times, and the suites are basically adjoining rooms - a regular room adjoined to the mini-me room at the end of each hallway. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have the extra space, especially if I need to get work done with colleagues. But the mini-me room almost seems like it used to be a standalone guest room (albeit a very small one), with a murphy bed in it, and a full bathroom as well. Speaking of bathrooms, the suites therefore have 2 1/4 bathrooms. Yes, there's a sink in the main bedroom - as if the TWO FULL BATHROOMS you already have weren't enough.

On a positive note, the hotel does offer fresh-baked cookies via room service. In of itself, that isn't THAT quirky - though it's always struck me how hard they push them:

Willpower be damned!
A new one I discovered on this trip is the location of the fitness center. It's on the 2nd floor - but you can't actually get to the 2nd floor from the main elevator bank. You need to get off at 1 or 3 and then make your way over to a forgotten corner of the hotel, past the sales office, and other internal hotel offices.

What's the quirkiest hotel you've stayed in recently?

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