Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer of Travel 2012: Italy (Part 4 - Sheraton Milan Malpensa)

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I only had one day to spend in Milan, and since I was heading home the next morning, I decided to stay at the Sheraton Milan Malpensa, and head into the city for the day. I'd stayed at this hotel before, and it's easily one of the nicest airport hotels I've ever stayed in - brand new, with a very modern decor.

Sheraton Milan Malpensa
I was able to check-in early, and received an upgrade to a junior suite. As I've said before, a "junior suite" usually just means "extra large regular room' - but it was very nice, and I certainly wasn't about to complain. The bathroom setup was a little interesting, in that it opened right into the main room. I liked it - but it took "open concept" a bit further than I would imagine most people are comfortable with.

Entrance to my room
Bedroom area
View of the bathroom from the bedroom
View of the bathroom from the bathroom

After getting settled, I went up to the club lounge to grab a quick bite and get a little work done before heading into the city. The lounge was nice - very open and airy, and had a decent spread to pick at. It was late morning, so I was able to grab what was left of breakfast (fruit, assorted sausages and cheeses).

Buffet area in the lounge
General seating and lounging area
Dining area
I was able to be fairly productive for a few hours in the lounge, and then decided to grab a late lunch with my colleague before we needed to make our way into the city. We were looking for something quick and easy, and so decided to just eat at the hotel restaurant.

Entrance to the hotel restaurant
Inside the hotel restaurant
I opted for the pizza and salad combo. The self-serve salad bar wasn't anything special, but the pizza was pretty good. I know, I know - I had hotel pizza while in Italy... but sometimes convenience and necessity gets in the way of my pursuit of the best possible meal at each and every opportunity!

My lunch - quattro stagione pizza

The hotel is physically attached to the terminal and the train station that connects the airport to Milan itself. Unfortunately, there was a strike on the Malpensa Express Train Line, which meant we had to take the bus. I tend to have an irrational aversion to buses, but this was one of those instances that reaffirmed my position. The ride itself wasn't THAT long, but it felt much longer due to the, let's say "energetic", children who were running up and down the aisle, yelping and bouncing off of every seat along the way. Suffice to say, their parents paid little to no attention, and let their little monsters run amok for the duration of the ride.

Given that experience, we opted to take a taxi to get back to the hotel later that night, and in the morning it was time to head back home!

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