Friday, December 14, 2012

United Blocks AwardWallet

Just in time for the holidays, United has decided to follow the lead of Delta and American and block AwardWallet's access to

I absolutely love AwardWallet, so this is pretty unfortunate (though not entirely unexpected) news. I use it to keep track of balances and expiration dates for almost 60 accounts - including airlines, hotels, credit card points, car rentals, cash back websites, and more. It is one of my most indispensable points tools.

If you've never used AwardWallet, I highly recommend that you give it a try. For their free version (which is great), you can click here. This is my referral link, so when I get enough referrals I get an upgrade code for 6mos of AwardWallet Plus. But that just means I'm able to do more giveaways!

Their paid version, AwardWalletPlus, is even better. The main benefit for me is that it lets you track an unlimited number of expiration dates (vs. just 3 for the free version), but here's a full side-by-side comparison of the differences.

To help support AwardWallet, I'm going to give away 2 AwardWalletPlus upgrade codes. There are two ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post saying what it is about AwardWallet that you like best
    • Limit one entry per day
    • 1 winner will be selected at random
  2. Send a tweet with the hashtag "#FWMAwardWallet"
    • Follow me on Twitter (@FoodWineMiles)
    • Send a tweet linking to this post, and make sure to include the hashtag "#FWMAwardWallet" so that I can find it after the fact
    • Tweets sticking it to @united or supporting @AwardWallet are encouraged, though not required :)
    • Limit one entry per day
    • 1 winner will be selected at random

I'm going to leave the contest open through the end of the weekend, so you have a total of 6 chances to win (3 via blog comments, 3 via Twitter). I'll contact the lucky winners on Monday. Good luck!

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  1. Hey Jason....met you at Ellyde and Darnell's wedding. Hope all is well. Too bad Award Wallet isn't supporting United anymore for whatever reason. It seems like a very good site for keeping up to date with all of the hotel/car/airline accounts us frequent travelers have.

    Take care,

  2. Hey Ken - great to hear from you! It is indeed disappointing about United and AwardWallet, I'm hoping they'll be able to work something out next year. How's your miles hoarding going? It was New Zealand you were saving up for, right?

  3. Yeah, NZ. Although that trip may hit a little snag....we're still looking to do something in the South Pacific.

    Miles hoarding going OK....but a little slow. Taking advantage of any offer I extra miles for rental cars and stuff. In the long run it pays off.

    Hope your travels are going well.