Thursday, January 24, 2013

Backdoor Free Checked Bags on Delta via Air France

(hat tip to View From the Wing for sharing information on status matches again)

While it isn't as sweet a deal as the Turkish Airlines path to lounge access on domestic United / US Air flights, Air France is offering a match to their Flying Blue's Gold level.

Sign-up page

Air France is partners with Delta, but unfortunately, having Gold status will not give you lounge access domestically, as SkyTeam doesn't offer that perk. However, it will get you a free checked bag when flying Delta domestically, as well as priority boarding, and lounge access if you're traveling internationally in coach. I haven't flown Delta in a LONG time, but I went ahead and submitted my 1K status on United for the match, because why not?

I instantly got the "Congratulations! You are now a Flying Blue Gold Member." notification, but technically they still need to verify my information (and the new status isn't yet showing in my account).

That was quick!

If you're someone who flies Delta once in a while, and you have gold status or higher on another airline, then this offer might be of interest to you. You can sign up here.

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