Saturday, February 9, 2013

There's Great Food and Wine in Greensboro!

Greensboro, North Carolina isn't really the first place that comes to mind when you're trying to think of great restaurants. However, there's at least one place that is a true gem: 1618 Seafood Grille

The last time I ate there, I thoroughly enjoyed the food, the wine, the ambiance, and the friendly service - really an all-around fantastic restaurant.

For my appetizer, I ordered the seared ahi tuna, which came topped with a micro green salad, and was served atop a black bean and corn cake. The tuna was fresh and nicely-seasoned, and the lightness of the salad balanced the richness of the black bean and corn cake (which was just sweet enough - but not too sweet). A really, really nice appetizer - and I especially liked the addition of black beans to the corn cake.

Ahi tuna appetizer

For my main course I ordered the seared scallops and crab cake entree, and it was also quite good. I might've liked a bit more of a sear on the scallops, but they were plump and firm and otherwise cooked just right. The crab cake was also a real treat - not too much filler (a real pet peeve of mine when it comes to crab cakes), and a very nice, crabby taste.

Seared scallop and crab cake entree

On my waiter's suggestion, I enjoyed a nice glass of Joel Gott Dillan Ranch Zinfandel with my meal. Zinfandel is a bit of a heavy choice to pair with seafood - but I was really in the mood for something a little richer, and wasn't so concerned with how it paired with my meal.

If you're ever in Greensboro, be sure to stop by 1618 Seafood Grille for a great meal!

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